POWERAM Model 1425


This compact machine installs new underground utilities by pushing steel rods under roadways, etc. and pulling the required pipe or cable back. It is normally used for water, gas, electric, telephone, and cable TV services, as well as sewer laterals, traffic signals, street lighting, and irrigation installations.

The Poweram Model 1425 is small, but because of its surprising performance in some of the toughest soils, you should seriously consider it for any project where very tight space restrictions apply

One person can operate the model 1425. It has two hydraulic cylinders controlled by one valve, which puts the operator in control of the machine and his/her own safety. The cylinders actuate the patented jaw system that grips the push rods. The centerline of the push rod is 4 inches above the bottom of the machine. The Model 1425 can pull up to 4" pipe (or two 2" pipes) in most soil conditions. Larger pipe can be installed in suitable soils. The longest practical distance for accuracy depends on soil conditions and operator experience. Using an electronic locating devise helps the operator make critical decisions that can greatly increase productivity. We recommend using the No. 363 Safety Shoring Box to protect the operator and to provide a faster and more stable set-up.

Poweram push/pull rods have threaded joints; no couplings are required. They can be added and removed within the length of the machine. The strong, course threads require only 3 ½ turns to seat. The Poweram jaw system grips the rods tightly without creating sharp, dangerous steel slivers. The 14 inch stroke cylinders pull the 3 ft. long rods in three "bites", and allow room to bring the pipe or cable into the machine to finish the pull.


  • 42,420 pounds of pushing capacity at 3,000 p.s.i.
  • 35,030 pounds of pulling capacity at 3,000 p.s.i.
  • 18 " wide x 12" high x 48" long
  • Machine weight approximately 400 pounds
  • 14" stroke hydraulic cylinders (2)


  • Safety Shoring Box
  • Accessory Tote Box
  • Portable Hydraulic Power Unit
  • Alloy steel push rods - Solid and Hollow rods are available
  • Push heads
  • Expanders & Couplings for pulling up to 4" pipe
  • Electronic Locating equipment


[Bullet] Compact
[Bullet] 42,400 lbs. of push
[Bullet] Low cost